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Monday, December 18, 2006

Song of the Day - December 18, 2006

A psychedelic Christmas present is bestowed upon us from Guy Blakeslee and his band Entrance with the album Prayer of Death. This is truly awesome, freaky music influenced by the likes of Hendrix, Zeppelin, Syd Barrett, Ali Farka Toure, and Nirvana. The album was inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Timothy Leary, and delta blues legend Charley Patton. This is a marriage of country blues, psychedelic expressions, and world music influences that is a true treat for the musical adventurer. I even love the album cover, which appears to be a slight reference to Hendrix's Axis: Bold as Love. Check out tracks like "Silence of a Crowded Train" with its interesting violin accompaniment, Robert Plant-like vocals, and lots of wah wah on the guitar or the strong world music influences of "Valium Blues." However, my favorite tune is "Grim Reaper Blues." I love the feedback rich intro that slides into a country blues psychedelic riff and I feel as if I am transported to some late night voodoo ritual. Click here to listen.


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