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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Song of the Day - December 12, 2006

I like to think of the Dirty Faces as Captain Beefheart fronting The Stooges with occasional appearances by Aerosmith and Foghat. A legend in Pittsburgh, The Dirty Faces have released their fourth album Get Right with God and may soon become a legend across the whole country. This is damn good stuff! There are bluesy numbers like "Sister Redux", high energy rockers like "Somnambulist's Vacation," slow numbers "Watching the War From Above," and odes to Steeler's great "Rocky Bleier." You can taste the gritty, dirty side of Pittsburgh in their music. My favorite track is "Slow Train," an aptly named song that truly runs on a slower track than many of the other tunes. Captain Beefheart's influence is extremely evident and I love it. This is a modern blues drenched powerhouse of a song. Click here to listen.


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