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Friday, November 17, 2006

Sublime Vibrations of an Improvisational Nature

My latest playlist focuses on jazz, an intoxicating cocktail of musical adventure. A pair of jazz titans bookends the list: Bobby Hutcherson and John Coltrane. In between a heterogeneous mixture of jazz: some old, some new, avant-garde, and mainstream. Click here to listen.

1. Jazz - Bobby Hutcherson
2. Bass Introduction - Omer Avital
3. Yokada Yokada / The Rumproller - Nels Cline
4. New Africa - Original - Grachan Moncur III
5. Syeeda's Song Flute - Archie Shepp
6. Acute Motelitis - Roswell Rudd
7. Nation Time - Joe Mcphee
8. In Cologne - John Taylor
9. Bad Reed Blues - Reptet
10. Mental Strain At Dawn - David Murray
11. And Then She Left - Anders Aarum
12. All the things you are - Ulf Wakenius
13. Coffee Shop - Neal Miner
14. Sicilienne - Kenny Werner Trio
15. The Tortoise - Frequency
16. Blue Train - John Coltrane


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