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Monday, November 27, 2006

Song of the Day - November 27, 2006

Mammatus are some of the most threatening clouds you may ever see, and Mammatus the band "harness instruments and amplifiers with the brave intent of transforming the natural beauty and massive fury that lies in the earth into acoustic energy." Their self-titled album is a sonic blast of stoner rock. The album was recorded simply, but to great effect in their garage; an example of lo-fi that maximizes the emotional nature of the music, rather than being a sonic nuisance. If you are going to listen to Mammatus you might as well jump right into the deep end, with their mammoth 22 plus minute recording of "Dragon of the Deep Part Two." An epic of colossal guitar jams and psychedelic drones with minimal vocals, the song will appeal to the hidden stoner in everybody. Click here to listen.


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