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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Song of the Day - November 23, 2006

Fear, Electric Eels, Birthday Party, Cramps all come to mind when I listened to Black Time's Blackout. Formed from the amalgamation of various band members associated with Hotwires, Action Time, and the Quickies; London's Black Time have created rock at its absolute rawest. I am not sure if this is appropriate music for Thanksgiving Day, yet it is a reminder of the English roots of the holiday. Oh, I don't know where to begin; I love the entire CD. "White Heat Returned" is a great tune with cool organ accompaniment. "This Is a Curse" has that Cramps' swagger. "Black Time Pt. 1" is a frantic track reminiscent of The Fall. Yet, I fell for "Cold Lips, Taste Better" a song that has that "heavy vampire sound." Click here to listen.


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