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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Twenty for Tuesday

Here are the latest tunes from twenty bands that have been buzzing between my neural receptors. Most of the tunes are relatively new, but a few old gems are thrown into the mix. Click here to listen.

1. Chatham Town Spawns Devils - The Len Price 3
2. Devotion Is So Twentieth Century - Mountain Con
3. White Waves - Shearwater
4. Everybody's A Star (Starmaker) - The Kinks
5. Tout Le Monde Se Fout Des Fleurs - Stereo Total
6. Charlie's Kids - Gram Rabbit
7. Sixteen Ways - Green On Red
8. Don't Believe In Love - Brian Glaze
9. Daggers Out! - Magneta Lane
10. Bonaparte - The Beautiful Mothers
11. You Are One - South
12. Isle of Yew - Meligrove Band
13. Killamangiro - Babyshambles
14. Better Off This Way - We Are The Fury
15. Vehicle - Bright Channel
16. Gonna Change My Way Of Thinking - Bob Dylan
17. Silence but for the Gentle Tinkling of the Flowing Creek - Frog Eyes
18. Hey Boy - The Blow
19. Magic Winding - Samara Lubelski
20. Life Is Short - Devotchka


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