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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Song of the Day - June 22, 2006

The American Princes have released one fantastic album with their second release Less Is Less. This is a great album that makes for perfect summertime listening. Less is Less is full of high energy songs with catchy riffs, while tempered with the occasional ballad. I could see myself hitting the road, popping the CD in the player, and bobbing my head for miles while I transversed the country. I love the vocals of both David Slade and Collins Kilgore. The album is full to the brim with great tunes. Check out songs like the chaotic opener "Stolen Blues," the gently building but addictive "Never Grow Old," and the Beatles influenced "Annie." "This Is the Year" wins song of the day honors. I love the initial vocal blast, which reminds me of The Fall before the song settles down only to erupt into another Fall influenced session of chaotic vocals. Click here to listen.


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