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Thursday, June 15, 2006

Jazz from 482

Chicago is the home of 482 Music, an independent music label that specializes in avant garde jazz. Much of their music is challenging, but rewards the listener with new sonic worlds to explore. The Greg Burk Trio is an excellent introduction to 482's musical style. I am particularly enamored of Harris Eisenstadt and his adventures in percussion. The Fonda/Stevens Group is another find, that will please many a jazz listener. If you are looking for something different in the jazz idiom, 482 Music is a great place for new discoveries. Click here to listen.

1. Old Souls - Greg Burk Trio
2. Punta d'Blues - George Schuller
3. All Dressed Up - Aram Shelton
4. Open Conversation - Francois Carrier
5. The Stalker - Fonda / Stevens Group
6. Kola #2 - Harris Eisenstadt
7. I Dreamt I Dwelt - Courage with Robert Creeley
8. Minous - Vinkeloe/Cremaschi/Masaoka
9. 3 - Matt Bauder
10. Horns and Organ - Grey Ghost
11. Aire De Repos - Michel Lambert (Jazz)
12. Gaps & Fictions - Kyle Bruckmann
13. Dreierlei - Conference Call
14. Good Morning Headache - Rosenberg / Baker / Hatwich / Daisy


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