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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

An Assortment of Ambiguous, Alternative, Aural, Aggregations

Alliteration was the inspiration for the title of this playlist, which features a random collection of my latest musical inclinations. The list begins with some of the latest by the Nine Black Alps, and concludes with a humorous song by Lard. Interspersed amongst the list are various songs from artists both new and old. Click here to listen.

1. Unsatisfied - Nine Black Alps
2. Save Yourself - The Make-Up
3. Neon - Sybris
4. At 1 AM - The Subways
5. Sweet '69 - The Pink Mountaintops
6. Foggy Eyes - Beat Happening
7. I'm About To Crack - The Methadones
8. Spanish Eyes - Souls She Said
9. Seventeen - New Black
10. Getting Hit on at the Bank - The Briefs
11. Noise Annoys - Buzzcocks
12. Empty Your Pockets - The Catch
13. sexy robot - crown aruba
14. Paper Tiger - LEVELLOAD
15. Train - 4 Non Blondes
16. 70's Rock Must Die - Lard


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